Recent Purchases

OPSurvival Crate Keys

You can purchase crate keys which are used to unlock crates in-game at /crates. Each crate has different chances to win awesome rewards. Left-click the crate in-game to see the possible rewards!

These items will carry over in a reset.

10x Rank Crate Key [+2 Bonus]
17.99 USD
5x Rank Crate Key
9.99 USD
3x Rank Crate Key
4.99 USD
1x Rank Crate Key
2.99 USD
20x Tag Crate Key [+2 Bonus]
15.99 USD
15x Tag Crate Key
8.99 USD
10x Tag Crate Key
4.99 USD
5x Tag Crate Key
2.99 USD